Guitar Amp Fender AA270

The Twin Reverb is the ruler of Bumper blackface amps. Having two sets of 6L6, the prominent and conventional two-channel AB763 circuit...

Ampeg AC-12 Jensen C12Q 1970’s

Ampeg AC-12 Guitar Amplifier. Has been described as a Fender Princeton on steroids. The original electronics including ampeg tubes ,transformers, Jensen Concert C12P speaker. Amp has been powered up with variac to reform electrolytics. Excellent working order with tones ranging from clean dynamic response up to "5" to overdriven milky saturation at full throttle.

Legendary Fender Deluxe 85 Guitar Amp

Overview The Deluxe 85 is an 85 watt solid-state 1x12 combo offering two switchable channels with built-in gain, reverb, effects loop, and headphone out.

Marshall JCM 25/50 2555X Silver Jubilee

The 2555X is a faithful recreation of the original. A classic Marshall tube array of three ECC83 preamp tubes and four...

Marshall AS50R Acoustic Amp

Overview The Marshall AS50R Acoustic Amp has 2 channels (one for an acoustic instrument, the other for a...

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