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Ampeg AC-12 Jensen C12Q 1970’s

Ampeg AC-12 Guitar Amplifier. Has been described as a Fender Princeton on steroids. The original electronics including ampeg tubes ,transformers, Jensen Concert C12P speaker. Amp has been powered up with variac to reform electrolytics. Excellent working order with tones ranging from clean dynamic response up to "5" to overdriven milky saturation at full throttle.

Legendary Fender Deluxe 85 Guitar Amp

Overview The Deluxe 85 is an 85 watt solid-state 1x12 combo offering two switchable channels with built-in gain, reverb, effects loop, and headphone out.

6P43P-E Russian Tubes

The 6P43P-E output pentode is designed for amplification of low-frequency power. The 6P43P-E pentode is miniature device enclosed in glass...

Electricians Guide For Staying Healthy On The Job

Some of the most common injuries for electricians are to the back, knees, fingers and hands. There are things that an electrician can do on the job that can lead to pain and discomfort in these areas of their body.

Bush Radio, London: EBS31

Country:  Great Britain (UK) Manufacturer / Brand:  Bush Radio; London Year: 1952 Category: Broadcast Receiver...

Antique Tube Radio COLOMBO PLAN ByThom & Smith

A rare tube radio produced by Thom & Smith, Sydney - Australia. It reads "Australian Assistance to Indonesia in the Colombo Plan".

Shan Sue Tubes Radio HPR 120

It is expect that nearly every household in the United States has at least one radio. The invention of the radio was dependent upon two previous discoveries: the electromagnet and telegraph. The electromagnet was discovered in 1825. This discovery opened the doors to global communication! Five years later, Joseph Henry successfully transmitted an electric current via wire which was stretched over a mile and which caused an electromagnet to trigger the sounding of a bell. T...

Trio TS-520 D Transceiver

The Kenwood TS-520 is designed for SSB and CW modes in the 80 through 10 meter ham bands. It also features...

Marshall JCM 25/50 2555X Silver Jubilee

The 2555X is a faithful recreation of the original. A classic Marshall tube array of three ECC83 preamp tubes and four...

Marshall AS50R Acoustic Amp

Overview The Marshall AS50R Acoustic Amp has 2 channels (one for an acoustic instrument, the other for a...

Tube Receiver Harman Kardon Festival 1000

Tubes : 12AT7 6U8 6BE6 12AU7 6BA6 6AU6 12AT7 6AU6 6AL5 12AU7 12AU7 5881...

Fisher 70A Tube Amplifier 25 Watt

This is old schematic of Fisher Amplifier 70A series. Specification Power...

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