fender aa270
fender aa270

The Twin Reverb is the ruler of Bumper blackface amps. Having two sets of 6L6, the prominent and conventional two-channel AB763 circuit structure, a diode rectifier and colossal transformers (control and yield), it offers huge amounts of clean headroom and volume for unmiked gigs and huge stages. Where the other Bumper amps separate at around 4 on the volume handle, the Twin remains tidy up to just about 6 and will hold facing overwhelming drummers and bass players with clean notes sharp as a blade edge. This is actually what the amp is made for, being played unmiked in a gospel band in a 300-situate church each Sunday. It is planned not separate like the other Bumper amps. You need your desires set effectively to have the option to welcome the underhanded Twin.

Cautioning nr 1) Weight. The enormous transformers and speakers causes this amp to weigh around 40kgs, a weight too huge for some gigging players who can’t (yet) manage the cost of a group of roadies.

Cautioning nr 2) Volume and clean headroom. On the off chance that you need tube amp separation and smoking tones without any pedals you will encounter numerous battles with your band mates and club proprietors. Similarly as the other Bumper amps the Twin needs to work in its sweet spot up to sound sweet. Subsequent to conveying a Twin Reverb on to the stage, the least you ought to merit is to wrench the charlatan. Tragically, we are only sometimes offered the chance to turn the volume over 3 on a Twin Reverb. Rather we have played numerous evenings with a slim and upsetting tone, far more detestable with a shimmering, clean sounding strat. In the event that you are one of these players, you should discover a few mods on this page intriguing. With only a couple of straightforward deceives you can make your Twin separation prior like the more flexible Genius Reverb 2×12″ and Special Reverb 1×12″. From Fenderguru


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