A rare tube radio produced by Thom & Smith, Sydney – Australia. It reads “Australian Assistance to Indonesia in the Colombo Plan”.

It seems that long enough that this ear no longer hears the word ‘Colombo Plan’. If not mistaken, the last time the term ‘Colombo Plan’ could still be found in Social Sciences textbooks and various books of the General Knowledge Association at the time of elementary school in the early 80s. Also often mentioned in various newspapers and print media at that time.

The Colombo Plan is an organization of countries in the Asia Pacific region that was formed in 1950 and aims to establish cooperation to improve the social economy of its member countries.

So it looks like this unique radio shaped iron suitcase is not a mass product. The possibility is only for certain agencies. I don’t know how to operate it. His condition was dead, abandoned for some time. The weight of this radio is quite heavy.


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