The Kenwood TS-520 is designed for SSB and CW modes in the 80 through 10 meter ham bands. It also features receive of WWV at 10 MHz. The TS-520 features a very accurate linear analog display dial. Power input is 120W PEP SSB and 100W DC CW. (This transceiver does not have general coverage receive). The hybrid circuit includes three 6146A and two 12BY7A tubes plus 1 IC, 17 FETS, 45 transistors and 84 diodes. Additonal transmit settings are accessable through a door on the left panel of the radio. The TS-520 is shown above with the optional SP-520 and VFO-520. Requires 120 VAC 50/60 Hz 280 watts. 13.3 x 6 x 14 inches 37.4 lbs. (Source)

Pictures taken from Stanley Novianto’s Blog


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