Stalien 807 integrated amplifier uses 807 tubes in triode mode, chosen. The amplifier has enough control and power.

They went on to say of the new amplifier: “Sound is quick, dynamic, opened and draws  you into listening to music. Thanks to large transformers and high capacity power supply it can provide many details which would be expected from much more powerful amplifiers”.

Technical data:

-push-pull AB class 2 x 807 in triode mode/channel

-output power 2 x 20 W at 4/8 Ohms

-input sensitivity 350 mV for full power

-tubes 2 x 807, 4 x 6SN7, 1 x 5Z3 (For Mono)

-negative feedback 4 dB

Here some pictures of push pull 807 tube :

Picture taken from here


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