6AV6 Simple Tube Amplifier (Just 4 Tube).

Manufacturer :
Type : Tube Amplifier
Number Of Tubes : 4
Tube Type : 6av6, 6ar5, 5mk9
Voltage : 250V
High Resolution Scan : Available
Some notes about this schematic : None

To download high resolution schematic you can fill your email in the comments form of the schematic.

Tube Detail

Source : radiomuseum

The tube is a miniature duplex-diode, high-mu triode intended primarily for use as a combined detector, amplifier, and automatic volume- control tube in radio receivers.

The triode section incorporates a high amplification factor, and is capable of providing a relatively large undistorted output voltage from a very small input signal.

3AV6, 6AV6, and 12AV6 are alike except for heater ratings and heater-cathode voltage ratings.


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