At present time there are several manufacturers who are trying to make or rebuild the world of tube amplifiers. Most of them are in China. They made cloned tubes from legendary tubes and succeeded in popularizing them through online sites. The price offered is also relatively cheaper than the original tubes made in Russia and Europe. Besides selling tubes, they also make finished products and electronic kits. Some of these kits are really cheap so that makes people curious. We will post some of the diy kits that we bought from the Chinese manufacturer and assemble them. The article will be published soon.

Tubes above prices range from 10 to 200 dollars. They are factory-made in China and dare to guarantee the sound results are like the original old tubes. DIY products and other finished products such as the following;

This Tube DIY Kit is sell on online shop for about $55
These Lux Tube Amplifier only worth $195 !

You can imagine how cheap tube technology is currently in china. In the past time tube amplifiers were luxury goods, a prestige for those who own them. But with the free market and the industrial era like now, this luxury seems to disappear. but don’t worry because the quality of the Tube sound still depends on originality. Wait for our review of sound from China’s Tube.


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